[Greenbuilding] Greenbuilding Digest, Vol 53, Issue 10

Clarke Olsen colsen at fairpoint.net
Sun Feb 1 12:28:10 MST 2015

Turns out we need those minerals that the softener removes. I personally don't want stuff removed from my food & drink.
We pay good money for all that gluten, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, fat, salt, etc. 
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On Feb 1, 2015, at 12:21 PM, Norman Feldman <nfeldman at fountainhouse.org> wrote:

> In one or two of the books he's written Dr. Hal Huggins says he has patients who get better when the water softener is removed. He doesn't know why, but it's happened with a number of patients. I think it's more than just the added sodium. Lono Ho'ala, who sells water treatment products and has worked with Dr. Huggins, said he too doesn't know exactly why, but thinks it could be bacteria breeding on the softener's resin beads or the beads themselves deteriorating. Many organizations advise against drinking softened water, if anyone wants I will look up the references, and there are studies that moderately hard water is better for heart health. 
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