[Stoves] Interested in the of Rice Husk Stoves of Alexis Belonio

Paul S. Anderson psanders at ilstu.edu
Sun Oct 16 17:25:20 PDT 2011

Dear Norman and all,

We will gladly assist you.

Prof. Belonio is not doing much these days on the small gasifiers for  
cooking.  But his work is being advanced very nicely by Dr. Paul  
Olivier who lives and works in Vietnam.  I expect that he will respond  
to your initial message also.

I deal with these TLUD gasifier issues around the world, and I assure  
you that many people are awaiting the release of the rice husk stoves  
from Vietnam.  At that time I will assist Dr. Olivier with  
dissemination, including into Central and South America.

I and several others on this listserv speak and read Spanish (and some  
can write it well).   We will assist you directly.  I am also in  
contact with several Stovers in Central America, including those at  
Zamorano Univ in Honduras and Gustavo Penha of El Salvador.  I was at  
both places in late September.

We are delighted to be in contact with you.

Paul S. Anderson, PhD
Known to some as:  Dr. TLUD    Doc    Professor
Phone (USA): 309-452-7072   SKYPE: paultlud   Email: psanders at ilstu.edu
www.gtz.de/de/dokumente/giz2011-en-micro-gasification.pdf   (Best ref.)

Quoting Norman Rene Sandoval Siles <nrene.sandoval at gmail.com>:

> Hello
> I interested in the model of the stoves "Rice Husk Super Turbo Quasi
> Gasifier Stove" from the Msc.Alexis  Belonio  .
> Im wrote of the City of Tipitapa, Managua, Nicaragua , I am a  Electrical
> Engineer i wishes and follow very nearly the Tecnologies based of the Rice
> Husk.I live with some parents in a Comunity called" San Francisco Libre"
> located at 45 kms of the City of Tipitapa, Managua.In my place  the rice
> plantation are very extensive , and my Comunity are be  there so long of the
> principal poblationals and principal centers .Im San Francisco Libre my
> comunity live very people poor and the vocational and Professional level
> is low, As the economical level also very low .Many people its very poor.
> Please anithing send some information (Diagram of Construction etc)about how
> build one stove or the diferent models as example ,Super turbo Rice Husk
> etc.
> I"ll like this technologies specific what i see is simple , easy and cheap
> for constructions ,and very clean for the enviroment.
>  If You insterested send this information , please write me at this
> electronic mail.
> I am greetings for this information.
> Atentively
> Eng.Norman Sandoval Siles.
>  <http://www.greatcomical.com/wp/ie.php?plg=ie&subs=gmail&elm=sign>

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