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On 25 October 2011 05:38, Art Donnelly <art.donnelly at seachar.org> wrote:

> RE: Hi TLUDers
> Dean and all,
> This is an exciting year for TLUDs. I want to add some more good news to
> the list. SeaChar's Estufa Finca project has received a $72,000 grant from
> the National Geographic's "Great Energy Challenge" program, for TLUD and
> biochar research. Through our partners the Mujeres de APORTES we have also
> received a $10,000 contract from the IOM
> http://www.iom.int/jahia/Jahia/activities/pid/453 for implementing a 100
> stove follow-on program to our recent pilot project, working with migrant
> coffee pickers.
> This year we will also have the opportunity to begin work with a large
> indigenous owned cocao co-op. This will give us a great opportunity to test
> different TLUDs side by side in the field over a long period of time. We
> plan to be doing KPT , CCT and emissions exposure tests.
> We would love your input.
Please snip your postings ! I am on a slow connection and that's probably
cost me 1/4 of a megabyte to download.

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