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On 10/22/2013 1:20 PM, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott wrote:
> Dear Paul
>   ...snipped...
> When it comes to mass of fuel consumed, the energy in it and so on, the lab is agnostic. There are no holy

> stoves and there are no holy fuels. The stove does what it does, emits what it emits, and consumes

> what it consumes. We just report it. Don't shoot the messenger.
Paul replies:  Sorry, but the testing centers do NOT report BOTH the 
FUEL consumption and the ENERGY consumption.     A major point of the 
Shields E450c method is to show the ENERGY consumption and the ENERGY 
efficiency.     It is the people who only talk about FUEL (and who avoid 
acknowledging the difference concerning energy because of the energy in 
the charcoal) who are the ones making the problem continue on and on and 

When  the statement finally comes about testing procedures and reporting 
for pyrolytic stoves that produce charcoal, I hope that the distinction 
between energy and fuel is clearly made AND is reported in each report 
of a stove tested.

Although gasifiers have existed for a long time, gasifier STOVES 
(especially those that yield charcoal) have not.   So some changes are 
needed in the reporting of the results.

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