[Stoves] Update of the GIZ-HERA publication ‚Microgasification - cooking with gas from biomass’

Paul Anderson psanders at ilstu.edu
Thu Oct 24 11:04:58 MDT 2013


Less than a week to get new and up-to-date info to Christa about the 
micro-gasifier stoves!!!


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On 10/23/2013 4:50 PM, CHRISTA ROTH wrote:
> Dear Stovers
> This is yet again an attempt to get feedback about microgasfier 
> cookstoves that should be featured in the update of the  manual 
> ‚Microgasification -cooking with gas from biomass’ which was first 
> published in January 2011 and has since created a lot of interest in 
> gasification applications for cooking purposes. An update of the 
> manual is long overdue to reflect at least some of the many 
> developments that have taken place since 2011. The version 1.0 is 
> available online under the link 
> https://energypedia.info/wiki/File:Micro_Gasification_Cooking_with_gas_from_biomass.pdf
> It will remain online under this link, even after the publication of 
> the new version 2.0.
> Some weeks back I had asked for info and got zero response. I hope to 
> do better this time. I did contact some manufacturers of stoves 
> featured in the first version and got already some responses.
> If you are interested that your commercially available stove will 
> feature in the new edition, would you be so kind to give me feedback 
> by 30th October 2013 and tell me, if and how you would like to see the 
> stove described in the updated manual version 2.0 or prove?
> the same applies if you know of any stove that is not yet included but 
> should be, then please provide me with the info or the link to the 
> manufacturer / source of the stove.
> Please feel free to also provide a photograph, indicating who the 
> author of the photo is and how it should be quoted.
> The new version 2.0 will only contain information confirmed by the 
> manufacturers of stoves  before *30th October 2013*. no info, no 
> inclusion in the update.
> Many thanks in advance for your cooperation
> Yours sincerely
> Christa Roth
> Household energy consultant to GIZ-HERA
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