[Stoves] TLUD pellets stove with a venturi burner. Pictures of a cooking cycle.

Roberto Poehlmann roberto.poehlmann at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 14:35:23 MDT 2015

Dear Alex,
Yes, this vertical side holes are there for gasify the top char, and to try
to have a premixing flame. Other objectives is to try to shorten the flames
at higher gasification rates.
But in this experiment, i put a top ring without holes to eliminate the
effect of the vertical holes in the combustion chamber.
The flame colour, with or without the vertical holes, are very similar,
maybe more bluish with the holes.
Without the holes, the flame is a little more stable at low rates.
With the top ring on, maybe there is a little portion of air that surpass
the joint, but i thing is not relevant.
I will make another series of burns with a completly sealed combustion
chamber, and with the vertical holes.

Best regards
Roberto Poehlmann
Valdivia, Chile


It looks from your pictures that there are some side holes into the fuel
container. These would  gasify some char  and possibly channel some air
through to contribute to partial premixing. Are there any other spots like
seams or joints that could allow a bit of air in prior to the secondary air
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