[Stoves] TLUD pellets stove with a venturi burner. Pictures of a cooking cycle.

Julien Winter winter.julien at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 20:36:50 MDT 2015

Hi Roberto;

I am sorry that I didn't read back through the threat when I wrote my last
email.  I didn't realize that you were designing for pellets only.

Some what I have been saying about tall flames from narrow tubes origniates
from when I was mucking aound with Kero-Sun radiant burners.  I have
attached a summary of what I did that you may find useful:

I found that narrow cylinders with perferorated walls were good for
supporting flames at low gasification rates, but they creaded tall, narrow
diffusion flames.  Introducing air into that narrow flame and mixing it up
was the next challenge.  There may be a way of blowing the flame apart with
piped tertiary air.

I put the perforated tubes into my tool box of ideas, and moved on to other
approaches, because I am designing for coarse fuel.  However, the low
turndown in possible perforated cylinders is important


Julien Winter
Cobourg, ON, CANADA
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