[Stoves] New Product - Biocharlie

Frank Shields franke at cruzio.com
Tue Sep 8 16:46:32 MDT 2015


This site sells a product called Biocharlie (along with Champion TLUD Stove) that is used in a fireplace to make biochar. 
I have not used such a device but it is much like the pipe idea I use to make biochar under controlled temperatures in the lab. Not sure where the gases escape the tube. i know when they do there will be a flame. It would be nice if designed to make the holes uniform along the bottom. That way they will pass through flames from burning wood and add to heating the outside of the Biocharlie.  

It could be used to make the biochar or torrified biomass for research. If anyone has used such a device please let me know how well it works.

http://blueskybiochar.com/ <http://blueskybiochar.com/>



Frank Shields
franke at cruzio.com

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