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Well, do you think woodstoves with PV-battery fans may be able to capture
1% of the cooking energy market in a developing country 10 years? That's
huge, and more than any improved woodstove has in the last 50 years.

For one, the SE4All campaign is about "universal access" to electricity
(and "clean cooking", whatever that means). And even then, it is becoming
clear that there is a pico-PV battery market for phone, laptop, fan, for
mobile applications or a host of other appliances. Adding another battery
may improve the utilization rates for PV system investments, which then
lower the cost of outages on the grid if there is a grid connection. (I am
betting that at any given time, a fourth of the grid-connected households
in developing countries have a grid failure. No use pumping diesel power in
the grid or generate diesel power if small uses can be taken care of by

Any small electricity use at the bottom of the pyramid can also help build
demand growth in independent renewable-energy grids. That is dicey; you
don't want to add to the peak, when the marginal cost is very high. But it
helps to have daytime load or any variable demand (seasonal). I have seen
hydro- or bio-diesel based micro-grids with such low utilization factors, I
have concluded that loading any "last mile" community with very low demand
potential with high-capital cost "renewable energy" generation and network,
meter, etc. is self-defeating. Except one builds up non-peak demands, even
for battery charging (assuming there is a demand for that).

5 kW PV panel with small batteries - not for the 'last mile' households,
but there may be upscale customers and hotels for rich-country poverty
tourism. I am glad to see the 5 kW figure.


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>Isn't this really off-topic?

It's marginal but we have talked about the relative merits of using
electricity stored in rechargeable cells to power a fan used to
increase the combustion efficiency verses using a TEG to
simultaneously produce electricity to power the same fan. I think the
conclusion was that the PV plus battery had more utility and
robustness for the cost.

Producing all the ,say, 5kW necessary for cooking  would involve a
considerable cost in panels.


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