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Dear Prof. Lloyd:

If that is what you teach your students, they will never win grants from
USEPA and its contractors.

On the other hand, if they presume they have the answer, and go validate it
via assumptions and models, they will discover answers you and I - or they
- never even dream of.

ISO and the Holy Grail. An Unholy Tale.


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I find this discussion sad. I have answered the five questions as if I were
a user of a biofuelled stove in a typical urban setting of my
acquaintance.  The gap between the questioner and the responder is too big.

If I were in the hypothetical situation of Ron?s questioner, I would say:

1.       Would you like to try this new cooker I have invented? And if the
answer was ?Yes?, then

2.       Could I come back next week and see how you like it?

Or if the answer was ?No?, then 2. What is wrong with it?

In real, live testing under different circumstances, once I got a ?No?, and
the answer to 2. was ?The fuel is too small? ( I had made the mistake of
testing it with too good a chimney, and the better draft allowed the
smaller fuel to burn). On another occasion, I got a ?Yes? to both
questions, and when I asked why it was liked, it was ?because the food
tastes like it was cooked on electricity.? They were fed up with everything
tasting of smoke!

As I like to remind my students when they go out to do field work:

1.       Never assume that because they are poor they are stupid. Because
they are poor, they have to be smart even to stay alive.

2.       Never presume you know the answer.  They will give you answers to
questions you never even dreamt of.

Prof Philip Lloyd

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