[Stoves] UB fan stove

Muhammad Nurhuda mnurhuda.ub at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 21:32:11 MDT 2016

Hi stovers,

Finally we have been  able to develop a fan stove that left no black spot
on the pot utensil. Attached is photo of the base of pot after one hour
cooking and the appearance of cookstove  when in usage.

The pot base is still clean because we employee the combustion scheme,
where the flame goes down,  hence almost no contact between the flame  and
the base of pot utensil.

For fuel,  we focus on biomass pellet only,  since we expect that this
stove can be used to replace the LPG stove, particularly when LPG is not
more affordable for most Indonesian people.

Kind regards
M.  Nurhuda
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