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Hi Thomas and Colleagues,

You kindly replied:

>Dear Doug
>Thank you very much for your contribution. 
>I take the liberty to assume that part of your refelxtions and thoughts are adressed to me.

I opened my mail at lunch time, and am staggered at the public and private responses of this posting, and it is crazy for me to try and reply individually. Thomas did inspire me to write about "the Enigma", because as we all know, our technology and what it represents in the right place, has no part in the grandiose schemes paying lip service to fossil fuel reduction. Well, now this is your chance to have a voice.

 In March I have been asked to be a Keynote speaker, at a Workshop following the next round of  the IEA Gasification Task Force Meetings, at Canterbury University, here in New Zealand. I'm sure they must be desperate, or need comic relief from the tedium of it all, but I have no topic specified, just talk gasification!!

Since the beginning of gasification again in the 1970's, money has flowed through any number of projects that end up dead in the water. When I see what you guys can do with a few strokes of the key board, it should be no problem to assemble a heft body of evidence to prove those who are tasked to find answers, are not cutting the Mustard, and as public servants, also answerable to us, the tax payer. If they cannot solve the bigger picture, we need opportunity to at least supply the appropriate bottom end of energy markets their policies refuse to acknowledge. 

 Energy budgets of most countries are staggering, and gasification in all it's applications would not even cause a crack in their pie charts, but it would create jobs, solve local energy issues and provide a solid foundation for future growth. This is not bull, it's a way forward for a lot of people, and you Minister of Energy should be told this in no uncertain terms. Governments cannot tax income from equipment not sold, or the new jobs created, but it would be easy to waiver sales tax, and give tax breaks to these smaller projects to give them some legs. We had no sales tax on all renewable energy equipment here in NZ during the 1970's, probably the only country to do so at that time. 

 So, if you all want to participate with a common voice from all countries, give me something to work with, but stick to facts that can be verified. I will also need very fast work on this, and help to assemble it into a PowerPoint presentation. I'm computer illiterate remember!

Yes or No. but don't stuff about.

Doug Williams,

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