[Gasification] The Enigma of Gasification

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Helo Dough Williams, Tom Reed and Tom Miles

      Our Bioenergy list is one of the biggest online well made dynamic big
list   forum( as   I do participate very active 20  online dynamic biofuel
,yahoo, google , grouply group list ) as this  has multimedia data bank with
better user friendly access .Thus  even new one  can learn the state art
 very rapidly . With  these very vast  video data banks ,several  critical
 analysis of energy experts  such as  Dough  words , very well documented ,
eventhough some comments very hard for me and other    to swallow making the
point very clear showing the point that is wrong .Dough comments  are like
 good professor  critical words   like  practice  based  valuable comments
are the asset of our list    Not all here have deep and long
 practical knowledge of building real  project , but always need  help from
the very big experts  BE  of you three (Dough Williams, Tom Reed and Tom
Miles) for technical help without paying nothing , all free open source .
Unlike  many of here ,you contribute one like me need to be limited as the
consumers , as we work on modeling , simulation  and design  only work with
computer , no real work , but depend very much your well organised
 technical  work for our survival  to make innovative design and

    I remember how  Dough William  has deep  feeling in one debate here  and
once wrote about the rain forest  about Big scale  burning the forest  in
Brazil asking  me to stop this in one open post .Even though  Brazil is the
only country auto sustainable of the energy production    yet more
preservation of green forest ( 40 porcent ) ,compared  with biomass
productivity very fast and rapidly  .Unlike  other country  Brazil  has  ,
the biggest biomass energy using decentralized  pyrolysis for sustainable
green metallurgical industry  showing as the  good  working model  example
for the whole world understand , learn and  follow yet  as Brazil  far ahead
.I invite  other all the energy experts  to make their model first in Brazil
as the country become the land for Bioenergy project in the recent  time ,
unlike the the older time where Tom Mile had  very bad time , economy and
government .now lees corruption , less problem for external investments.Any
Brazilian can send any amount of money earned send any where of the world
.brazilian pays 2 time more bank interest , yet have economic gowth. This is
mainly due to good enegy policy  comperde to even developed country .All
energy experts are welcome here  as Brazil plans to become enegy food
exporter by sustainable way.

 I fully agree with the  deep green sentiments of Doughs  as the Amazon is
the world lung  about wood  globalized  corrupted wood business which  he
knows better tahn others   .It is very criminal as he declared here , I do
agree totally  with him  as instead of burning  wood , the wood need not be
wasted , but made made into wealth to maintain the rich rain forest , can
make  into emergency  survival technology in a sustainable ways, even
though not always I agree his point of view such one with syngas  and
producer gas , i go along with Tom Miles balanced thinking  and wisdom, wood
gas knowledge of Tom Reed and  the vast information data on gasifier  work
done by Dough

   The three legs  or three pillar one  producer gas , Dough W;the other
pillar Tom Reed (wood gas ) wth  his true vision of  wood gas bioenergy  and
methanol economy vision , the other last one  Tom Miles,   multi use bio
energy small  business  (bioenergy syngas, the better quality producer gas
 ).Small biomass for the energy ,materials , fertilizer needs via this list
can  made  possible  as survival technology of any palce and any local with
bioenergy  utility structure neded to many place With you 3 made the first
generation  gasifiers ,  the second generation like  we , Greg,Bill, Toby ,
Jim , Kevin  every  one make  different way of second generation  gasifiers
works  unike first one .With good internet connectivity , the younger one
can do better work fast  unlike you and our generation based on
the foundation well made  , easily , freely  available will make
diverse gasifiers and small power plant , may not be one similar to other.

   Some of Dough good professor like critical provocative comments , thus
making possible the list groups more dynamics , very active.Thus  you have
lost time , but has got many fans in the list , you as  an experience guide
, no problems you move where you wish , there  will be many students like
Jim to follow you ,can help you too make tour free wherever you wish  as the
list is big one.this can be gain for the time lost by you and true reward
 is mental satisfaction , not frustration , delusion ,, as they  may attack
all professional.

   I  totally agree  with Dough  that the time has come for all our list
members  understand and realize and fight against the waste of money  in R
and D with out regard to past work. Brazil , EU , Asia  need not ignore  the
very good work done in the past.
I can agree with you  like many  energy expert frustration , really that so
much time is lost  mainly due to the fact
that political corrupted governments do not see that the  biomass energy as
survival technology as you correctly pointed out is the major problem  of
the loss of  time  for bio energy project to become reality as  in all the
places the good real  opportunity is there
.The loss and gain of any professional work need to take into account the
what you have given , how good  your work other follows .Thus not  all thing
is lost  related with professional frustration for survival  .One
other important   survival technology for all professional of this list what
we need really is look into  good health sothat one can   go around the
 world , learn things and teach as Jim and Toms  really do well

I  wish you all the tree important legs (Jim wrote  ) of this list  (2 toms
+1 Dough), for me look not as legs  but as the three pillar of very  Big
Bioenegy  complex structure, very good heath , very good collaboration as
their voluntary work , making this world list  forum  as an good examples
for other , also for the younger one for the green great futures , unlike
hard way passed  by all with time lost , projects failed ,dreams destroyed ,
 The loss for one generation is made into gain for future generation , the
link was made well , but it depends the younger new generation make our
dreams come to reality solving real word energy problems  *better, faster,
cleaner and cheaper.*
*There is urgent need to make wealth from charcoal , not simply dump in land
as fertilizer , need new science  to make green  biomass based local economy to
make  free the place not fall into economic falancy.make low quality pyrogas
 into syngas and methanol .New concept to get way confusion of producer gas
, woodgas , watergas ,syngas , pyrogas , boiler gas .There is an need to
make whole utilization the tar , the water all , zerowaste  The fundamental
question do we have technology to make methanol and CHP, Co2
biochar,activated carbon form waste   or ac in small sacle *
* As native Indian  with every tribal language speaking  different  language
, no one understand of the other , the tribes  here the energy expert ,
equipment experts , chemical product experts , university professor and
students  using several words , other can not understand, we experienced
confusion  regarding  what is the gas made using gasifier.This confusion  no
longer can help us to make progress, but only add more conflicts  and more
confusion and hence  we  do not see  too corruption of the political one
.they take over the projects  as business. Some new science , the  green,
the  united biomass, new biomass  chemistry as unification of technology  via
green chemistry concept is an urgent need .This new unified biomass green
chemistry can be one of the topics is my sugestion for Dough  to explore in
his  key note presentation, this new science can make possible unity
,innovation and tecnology  change easy .Let the world follow Brazil
bioenergy based economy *
*Your Truley*
*Prof .Dr Pannirselvam P.V*
* The new thinking  *
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