[Gasification] The Enigma of Gasification

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Prof. Pannirselvan and Colleagues,

Please stop for just a minute. There are two sides of Doug Williams. 

I seek no fame or recognition for just doing a job, and because I chose to write about it to those less informed with an interest in the subject, as a person I do not consider myself as some sort of Guru.  That I have opinions which may not always be right to people on the ground in all the diversity of our cultural heritages, in most cases, reflects the anguish of those writing to me from those places. I cringe at the prospect of standing in front of any large group of people, especially those who only want facts and figures, because I just don't do numbers, as I am a team player. 

Yes I do deliberately put a cat amongst the birds once in a while, but look at the flow of facts and figures that are pulled out from dusty memories to support points of view. This is online education as it happens, not the weekly packets of lessons that provided my education as an outback kid in Australia. No educator could prepare such rich diversity of information for their students. 

My other persona is a research therapist into pain and physical movement, and thanks to understanding carbon, has opened up a pathway to develop techniques, which all therapists can incorporate into their separate modalities. If you can understand that to give anyone back function which Doctors say needs expensive operations, or is hopeless to treat, is just as important, possibly more so, than gasification, and help explain it's infulance on the other DW attitudes towards those wasting money.  My ladies in training are an experimental group, just to prove it's knowledge not magic. The link is easily made to teaching barefoot therapist, helping the mangled postures and health of our rural populations. Would you all deny me the time to work on problems that money cannot solve?
My ability to travel the World again is limited to visits of the shortest increments of time, and I use SKYPE as the next best thing to going any where that may welcome me in person. Brazil is certainly a long way from New Zealand, but SKYPE could be an option for better communication. 

Talk more about my suggestion if you want change, but l will NOT be available till next weekend. Like our famous New Zealand Mainland Cheese, "good things need time".

Regards to you all.

Doug Williams.

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