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Hello, Jeff!

There are two logical "formulations" that, when both used, gives a 
practical working solution for an "independent" motor starting from a 
common gas-line.

A common gasifier delivery line usually (in a good system) keeps below 
50 cm H2O.

A motor with tight valves, without overlap and hidden crankcase 
ventilation into the manifold develops ~ 500 cm H2O at cranking.

Combined with the fact:

Identical pressure drops over identical openings (slots) results in 
IDENTICAL FLOWS.  (with similar fluids)

Using identical ganged twin flaps with identical geometry for gas and 
air will deliver a 50/50 air/gas mix, if starting both from 
atmospherical pressure.

The secondary air intake pressure has to be regulated to equal the 
momentary gas-line
pressure with a membrane and air-line flap, sensing the resulting 
air-pressure versus the gas-line pressure.

This way the total pressure drops in both "legs" will constantly be 

To furthermore assist slow crank starting, the twin-flaps will be closed 
by a trimmable spring closing the flaps COMPLETELY.

A manifold-vacuum membrane or cylinder, diameter ~2-3" opens the 
when the spring starts to give in for a vacuum of ~100 - 200 cm H2O.

This opening increases as the motor fires, and has to be controlled by a 
manually settable stopper = idle limiter!

When fired, there has to be a "change over" to automatic run...

Max Gasman

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>Dear List,
>Is it practical to fuel two engines with one gas producer? I think a 
>check valve in each fuel line would be needed but would it be a problem 
>to get the second engine running? My system would consist of a charcoal 
>gas producer with two 6.5hp engines.
>"Once an owner has got used to charcoal gas he will never revert to the 
>more expensive fuels", Geo Bray
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