[Gasification] Difference between biomass and coal gasification

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Hi Saiteja

In an updraft fixed bed gasifier there is no clear link between maximal temperature and tar content in the gas.

Slagging takes place in the oxidizing zone in the bottom of the reaction zone, tar is made in pyrolysis zone in the top of the bed.

If you observe slagging you can inject water together with the air – eg if you use a water scrubber as part of you gas cleaning you have a fraction to get rid of. That is one way to reduce the temperature.

There Is a lot of reports from the development of the Vølund updraft gasifier in Harboøre that vould be very relevant for you to read.



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Hi all,

Thanks for the response, but I am once again stating my question with some specifications.

I am interested in coal gasification where coal used is with high ash content and less reactive.

Capacity of gasifier is around 30 Tons of coal per day and technology is updraft fixed bed.

If the reactor is operated at high temperature to crack any tar, ash would come out in molten form (Not desired) as conditions will cross ash melting point.

So in this sense, tar generated after gas cooling be recycled into gasifier?


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