[Gasification] eliminating carbon monoxide from coal gas

Ronald Hongsermeier rwhongser at web.de
Sun Apr 12 03:56:24 MDT 2015

Okay, after reading this three times, it seems your goal is to cull the 
coal gas of its CO and use that as automotive fuel.  I think, if my 
memory serves me correctly that the energy lost in the various 
conversions necessary would make this even more energetically 
disadvantageous than the already c. 10/1 energy density (dry 
biomass//delivered energy at engine) of biomass <=> liquid 
gasoline/diesel fuel already is. For driving an internal combustion 
engine you will lose way too much energy in conversion to make this 
anything but a financial hole in the ground. That's why automotive 
gasifiers directly connected to the engine via a filter, cooling and 
control system were developed in the first place.


On 12.04.2015 05:14, Anand Karve wrote:
> Coal gas as automotive fuel
> Agriculture, forests and urban centres  in India produce annually
> about 1000 million tons of combustible waste biomass. Its energy
> content is almost 3 times as much as the petroleum that we currently
> use in our country.  Samuchit Enviro Tech developed a simple and
> nonpolluting technology for converting combustible biomass into
> charcoal. When hot charcoal is treated with steam, it produces coal
> gas, consisting of a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. We have
> used this reaction in an experimental stove, in which the coal gas is
> used as fuel.   Can anybody suggest a simple method of removing carbon
> monoxide from coal gas?
> Yours
> A.D.Karve
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> Dr. A.D. Karve
> Chairman, Samuchit Enviro Tech Pvt Ltd (www.samuchit.com)
> Trustee & Founder President, Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI)
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