[Stoves] High mass space heating options Re: Rocket Stove for the PLACE

Steve Taylor steve at thetaylorfamily.org.uk
Sun Oct 9 03:59:03 PDT 2011

On 9 October 2011 06:42, Paul S. Anderson <psanders at ilstu.edu> wrote:

> The issue about the TLUD is that its "steady state" can be as a nice stable
> cooking fire, but it can also be steady as providing a raging flame.  This
> can be easily done with simple forced air (FA) methods such as fans and
> blowers into the primary and secondary air inlets.  And the discussion is
> currently focused on heaters for developed/affluent/with-**reliable-electricity
> societies.
> Steady does not mean small nor large.  If the high mass stoves need high
> heat, the TLUDs can provide it.  And with the evident sizes of these high
> mass stoves/heaters, there is sufficient room for TLUD fuel chambers
> (pyrolytic reactors to create the gases) to have both intensity and duration
> (such as for 45 minutes to 2+ hours) with a single batch.
I would also add that the TYPE of fuel you can use in a TLUD is considerably
more flexible in my view than the rocket techniques.

The main disadvantage is the difficulty of continuously charging - but a
high mass stove obviates the need.

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