[Stoves] Thai Bucket Stove nnd KCJ origin

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I hope that Teddy Kinyanjui of Cookwell stoves in Kenya can respond 
about the inspiraton for the KCJ (mentioned below).  Teddy's father was 
the originator/developer in Kenya many years ago.


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On 12/3/2017 12:24 AM, Nikhil Desai wrote:
> Crispin:
> Could be ESMAP funding, for followup on earlier USAID work .
> One 1993 paper 
> <http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=> that 
> van der Plas was a co-author to only mentions "In Thailand, improved 
> stoves development started in the private sector; this is true of 
> other countries in Asia as well." It refers to several ESMAP-funded 
> stove projects in Thailand. (Annes 2: Projects Surveyed for Study.)
> This seems to be the most widely cited paper on the subject of what 
> makes biomass stoves usable and used, but it is nearly 25 years ago. 
> So much for the due diligence of the stove program financiers.
> I had no idea that it was the inspiration for Kenyan Ceramic Jiko 
> (KCJ), as reported here 
> <https://www.princeton.edu/%7Emauzeral/wws402f_s03/JP.Shena.Elrington.pdf>: 
> " The original design for the KCJ was inspired by an improved stove 
> used throughout Thailand. This stove, the ‘Thai bucket,’ has an 
> insulating liner composed of ceramic that was cemented from the top to 
> the bottom of the... "
> Reducing Indoor Air Pollution in Africa: A Review of Two Successful 
> Intervention Programs and Recommendations for Future Intervention 
> Efforts Shena M. Elrington May 2, 2003. Looks like a student paper 
> for WWS 402f: Sustainable Development- Can We Do It? Prof. Denise L. 
> Mauzerall.
> I made an interesting discovery -- according to this 
> <https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/7385282/improved-biomass-cooking-stove-for-household-use-pdf-101-mb-> 
> 1982 paper submitted to the National Energy Administration, the Thai 
> bucket stove is thought to have originated in China and could have 
> been brought to Thailand a thousand years earlier (p. 33-34).
> The report also says (p. 44) that Meta Systems Inc. Thai Group 
> reviewed efficiency of various Thai bucket stoves in 1982. I was at 
> Meta Systems in 1980-1 and learned my biomass balance work and 
> cookstoves projects there. I probably know some folks who worked on 
> that project.
> I think the recommendations of this report 35 years ago (on p. 241-2) 
> are still relevant.
> Reinventing the wheel keeps subsequent generations employed in the 
> good cause.
> Nikhil
> On Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 12:10 AM, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott 
> <crispinpigott at outlook.com <mailto:crispinpigott at outlook.com>> wrote:
>     Dear Friends
>     The Thai Bucket Stove was designed by Robert van der Plas in 1982.
>     Does anyone know who funded that development? Did he do it as part
>     of a project, or on his own?
>     Thanks
>     Crispin
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